Sunday, January 2, 2011

A day of firsts. If it twas Jan. 1st, would be poetically appropriate, with my usual lateness it's Jan 2nd, and late in the day at that.
There's nothing quite as boring as the sound of listening to someone blog: A friend on the phone is instructing me on how to take "First photo with the new computer". I do look terrible & terribly old, at least Neil Gaiman & I really do have the same hair. He & I both turned 50 in November, sadly for me, I'm not aging as well as him. Gratuitous celebrity gossip now: ( I think that'll be a hallmark of my blog): he became engaged to someone named Amanda who seems significantly younger this year; I was left for someone significantly younger named Amanda this year. Whoops! That was 2010- last year!

Was talking with other friends today who've turned fifty this year. Two common themes emerged: seems ridiculous at this point to blame one's parents for one's own inadequacies, and whereas we had few regrets when younger, regrets now abound.

My friend Fresca says she always remembers what ColorfulAlice said about bad experiences: Each one is a new tube of paint for the palette. (As in grist for the mill, or basis for a novel, etc.)
Now though, too many of these experiences are a discouraging Van Dyke Brown.

This IS my first blog post in two years. Actually, let's face it: my first post at all: my friend Fresca wrote the original entry. However she expressed myself much better than I could have.

Fresca of course has her own blog: - her posts seem so well honed, it seems pointless for me to write. In her blog yesterday, she quotes Plato lambasting the idea of writing things down as it'll make the mind lazy. (Talk about lazy: I'm too lazy to check whether it really was yesterday)
But little seedlings of sprouting leaves have been saying: write me down, so here goes. Facebook has proved totally inadequate for me as all my rambling thoughts are longer than 480 characters.

All my usual reticence about exposing myself to the public is emerging: however, it's very unlikely, if not statistically impossible, anyone will come across this in their trolling of the internet. This blog will be a secret little watering hole in the internet jungle; with no one looking for it, unlikely it'll ever be discovered. It would take a Dr. Livingstone or Stanley to come across it...I in fact had been looking for it for the last ten days, and only found it through my native guide leading me here.

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  1. HOORAY!
    I love your writing, and I hope you fall in love with blogging (as I did) so I can read more of it.

    "Neil Gaiman's Hair" is the best tag I've ever seen. Sounds like the name of a band...
    Maybe you should get your haircut at Hair Police, as I hear he does.

    And now, let's go get sushi!